“Courageous leaders are the ones who ask themselves how they can profit from solving the world’s problems, not creating them.”

Isabelle GROSMAÎTRE had a huge shot of Boost and Inspiration from chatting with Paul Polman at ChangeNOW.

Such an honor! His pioneer role and commitment to help put business in service of humanity has influenced countless organizations and change makers across the world.

At ChangeNOW, we delved into the pivotal role of boards to transform business models for better futures.

On this journey, Paul delivered a clear and powerful message: “Today, there are most Boards that are holding back this transition than Boards who accelerate the transition”. We must pivot from a reactive to a proactive stance, embracing regenerative thinking. “It takes courage to make decisions on the most important areas, especially when it concerns the future of humanity.

We are filled with gratitude and hope. With courageous leaders like Paul Polman, we are convinced more than ever that we can bridge the gap between words and actions. We are not alone. 32 000 change makers joined us for the 2024 ChangeNOW edition, eager to move the needle and make business a Force for Good.

Thank you dear Paul for sharing your wisdom.

Let’s continue to shift purpose into practice, challenge the status quo, and prove that a sustainable and equitable world is not just a dream, but a reality within our reach.

We can all be #ChangeMakers.