We want to serve:


driving change, that dare to be at the
forefront and lead the change in their sector.


who are convinced that doing good to society is good business, ready to engage their business model to succeed.


who believe purpose will drive new ways of doing business and shift the mindset in which we operate to achieve genuine transformation.

people expectations
towards business have
never been so
important to build
better futures.

We know what is at stake

There is a profound disruption happening in society. Health & wellbeing has never been so important, while our planet is burning. Data requires profound transformation of our industry practices. Corporate reputation is becoming more fragile. There is no plan B.


The next generation, already for 1/3 of total consumption, is looking for brands that are doing good.  The act of consumption is becoming an act of commitment for the world they want to live in. People are not just consumers; they are our own people. 90% of the millennials want to use their skills to create positive social impact, a major generational trend in finding jobs with purpose.

It is time for organizations to act

Because business has no more important business. 
It is about setting your organization to be a driving force, to set new governance model and the learning mechanism for success, as progress is not linear when setting ambitious goals.



We are what we eat, people are looking for better options for them and for the planet. We can reduce the burden of obesity, regenerate our agriculture, rethink food waste, and much more. Food can fix it. Offering better products is not enough, time is about empowering people for healthier and more sustainable food choices. What role can you play in the food revolution?


Health is a continuum, helping people feel better across the lifespan. Time is about shifting from a cure to a care model. Science, advanced technologies and data are key assets to meet the needs of patients, payers and consumers. How can you create a culture of prevention in global health?


Taking care of one another has never been so important for a more inclusive and resilient world. Tech and sustainable innovation are not enough. Time is about doing the right thing to help people to thrive, to unleash confidence in who they are and who they want to be. How can your company stand for a purposeful role in society and in people’s live?


Purpose is what moves people to play sport.  Creating innovative and more sustainable products is not enough. It is about acting for a positive impact in the communities we serve, creating a better planet for all, and a more equal playing field for all. How much do you inspire people to be a source of achievement and fulfillment, for them and for our planet?


Embracing a vision of luxury that is authentic, responsible and inspiring means being a driving force to transform the industry, being meaningful to people, protecting our planet. The next generation is changing the game. How does your company care about society, people and planet, rooted in its heritage while crafting tomorrow’s Luxury?


Integrating ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) performance is becoming the new standard.  It goes beyond a buzz word; it is about fostering better economies, helping entrepreneurs to accelerate value creation. How can funds best embrace financial performance while fostering positive impact?