we are
& Co

Goodness & Co is a new kind of change management consultancy platform, working with CEOs and leaders to shift purpose into value.

We serve organizations on a mission, in their transformation for positive impact in society. We help leaders embracing purpose and sustainability as a competitive advantage. We help organizations in their vision, sustainability policies, actions and governance to win. We make the movement happen, harnessing the power of people around you, with employees, partners and stakeholders. Time is now for business to be purposeful.

We are an “Entreprise à Mission”, defined as a company whose social and environmental objectives are aligned with its purpose. Encouraging business models to address social and environmental challenges. Promoting synergies between economic performance and social & environmental progress. Fostering more collaborative & inclusive governance to best engage the power of people in the transformation.

We are business
leaders passionate

about business as a force for good.

We are thinkers & doers;

we make goodness in business happen.

We are catalyst of change,

unleash the power of people and collective to drive positive change.

The values
we share
with our clients,
partners and allies

There can only
be ONE agenda

Doing good to society is good business.
It is an integrated business agenda.

B Courageous
with empathy

Believe in the power of people,
craving for the change to happen.

by doing

Invent new ways of doing business,
think Big, start small, scale fast.

Our partners and friends

Our uniqueness

As a catalyst of change, GOODNESS & CO teams up with partners and friends based on the geographies and skills needed to set the project for success. We involve allies and experts in the journey of purpose in business, joining forces with leading recognized experts in sustainability, social business, circular economy, impact investment, system transformation, strategy and innovation, behavior change, health and wellbeing, and open innovation.
We are part of an ecosystem of businesses on a mission to create positive impact and better futures.
Our adventure is made of great encounters that created our vision, convictions and ways of working.

Our story

Goodness & Co is built on a conviction.

A conviction that COVID 19 was a turning point of a profound disruption in our society. After more than 20 years+ in businesses contributing to better futures, leading transformation from within, developing strategies and actions to drive change, we decided that conscious leaders were becoming a movement, not a niche.
The next generation wants to play a more activist role. Consumers are looking for brands that are doing good. Employees care about their company behaviors and societal impact. COVID 19 feels like an alarm bell for all. It can and must be a turning point in history. Companies had no other choice than to reinvent their model and to ensure their contribution to society.
Time is now for business to be purposeful. Time is about action. This is how Goodness & Co was created, to help organizations build better futures.

Isabelle Grosmaitre

Isabelle believes a better future is possible and founds a new kind of change management consultancy to make goodness in business happen. Enthusiastic Leader transforming business as a force for good from within– in pharma, insurance and food industries, with P&L operational responsibilities and CEOs support for positive impact.

As former Catalyst @ DANONE, Isabelle served the strategic transformation of the company, with employees & partners, turning purpose into value. Isabelle also co-chaired @ CONSUMER GOODS FORUM, a CEO lead organization, being instrumental in creating an industry-wide movement towards the SDGs for healthier lives.

Isabelle started in family-owned businesses, joined @BOIRON with the role of Marketing & Healthcare Director, embracing purposeful business that led to significant growth. Isabelle was later appointed Executive Director @APRIL where she developed her ability to bring people together setting a worldwide network of entrepreneurs through starts ups and acquisitions.

Advocate of the B Corp movement, Isabelle is bringing head and heart to build the path forward. Nominated as Top 25 Doers and Shakers in demonstrating how the consumer goods industry can become a purpose driven actor. Isabelle also serves as the Vice President of International Women Forum (IWF) in her region to promote women in leadership.

What if pursuing profitable growth and societal outcomes at
the same time was a learning journey?

You want to join
the adventure? 

We are looking for leaders that share the same dream and values.