Last week, Isabelle Grosmaître had the privilege to give a keynote in the 2nd edition of the ESG event organized by Amundi in Paris.

There is a true acceleration. Time is now to focus on what truly matters. Responsible investments are becoming the cornerstone of performance. It matters for investors and for the future of our businesses. With new regulations coming up, companies need to embrace their contribution when it comes to environmental and societal challenges. While we recognize the efforts for companies to step up on ESG, we believe it is an opportunity to reinvent their business models for better futures.

Time is now to embrace ESG at the core of business strategies. The integration of ESG in investment decision, ESG in the way we do business will seize new opportunities. We believe in fact only companies with a positive impact will thrive, chosen by people, by employees, by clients, by partners and investors.
Finance acts as a catalyst of change to build a regenerative economy. Investors play a pivotal role to make this change happen.

And remember: ESG is more than climate!