This March was B Corp Month. All month, B Labs all over the world shared best practices on how to be not the best in the world, but the best for the world.

Here are some key learnings we wish to share with you:

📌The B Corp community is growing stronger by the day, with more and more actors willing to harness the power of people and transform business for good: over 6000 B Corps in 80 industries and more than 150 countries, and 200.000 companies using the Business Impact Assessment as a compass.

📌The opportunity for people to work in alignment with their values doesn’t just empower them – it supports economies as a whole.

📌All of us are making a difference. The more of us who choose to act differently, the faster the shift will happen.

📌By reinventing our business models to benefit everyone, not just our purses, we can create new, circular models that keep precious products, materials and ideas in use for longer.

💚Together we’re transforming the global economy to benefit communities, people and planet; we can go beyond business as usual and transform business for good.
We’re proud to be B Corp pending at goodness & co.

The clock is ticking, and it is time to act.