We are delighted to announce that Goodness and Co is now the signatories of the French ‘Charte de la Diversité

We have joined a community of more than 4,000 organisations to take genuine action towards diversity and create an inclusive environment.

The Charte De La Diversitié was first launched in 2004, and it is a test of commitment proposed for signature by any employer, who wishes by a proactive approach, to act in favour of diversity and thus go beyond the legal and legal framework of the fight against discrimination.

We are committed to working towards creating a more positive world. While helping companies transform their business to be a force for good, we also take steps towards be create a just, equitable and inclusive society. Embracing and celebrating diversity is one such step that we have taken very seriously, and we believe that respecting differences is imperative to foster a brighter future,

This charter will provide us with a framework of our commitment and convert our values for diversity into measurable and evaluated actions. We have made commitments to promote equal opportunities and celebrate diversity in all its components.