The COP26 disappointed some expectations, but it was a momentum creating event which saw some progress towards our sustainable future. It also brought to attention the crucial role of companies and leaders to make strong strides towards our positive future. 

At the forum of KPMG Innovation Lab, our Founder, Isabelle Grosmaitre, talks about the need for companies to embrace their transformations towards positive impact and bring purpose at the core of business. We are in the midst of a dynamic change where traditional business models don’t work anymore for the future we are building, and purpose has to be engrained in the heart of the business to build a positive impact.

Grosmaitre highlights in the interview the need for the private sector to be the catalyst of transformation towards our sustainable future. This is not just a moral obligation, but consumer expectations have also risen, and they expect business leaders to take charge in this fight against the climate crisis. She mentions the transitions from “CSR models” to “virtuous models” and how sustainability and positive impact cannot be designated to a single department of the company, but it needs to be included in their business objective and involve employee engagement to reach the positive societal and environmental impact.

Please find the link below to see the interview in detail.